Red River Gorge Select Guidebook

Red River Gorge Select Guidebook

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The best climbs at the entire Red River Gorge, all in one volume!

Visiting the Red and need a quick list of classics? On a budget and want to buy one book instead of three? Own all three but want a quick reference to the best climbs for a quick trip? Or do you love collecting sweet climbing guidebooks and need to see more inspiring action photos? Then Red River Gorge Select is perfect for you! The Red River Gorge has over 3,000 routes, and Red Select presents enough classics to fill a lifetime of weekend fun. With over 54 crag’s worth of routes, you’ll have plenty of areas to choose from if you need to escape crowds, rain, or cold.

Inside the book find handy icons to help plan your day: driving times, walking times, sun exposure, rain protection, and even kid friendliness. You will quickly learn how many routes there are, their grades, and percentage of sport vs trad climbs. GPS coordinates and detailed approach directions help you find your destination easily. Now all there is to do is climb!

Red River Gorge Select

  • 2018 Wolverine Publishing
  • by Dario Ventura, Mike Williams, and Ray Ellington
  • 340 full-color pages
  • 9781938393327

Areas and features:

  • Northern Gorge- Military, Left Flank, Funk Rock City, and more
  • Natural Bridge- Roadside, The Zoo, and more
  • Muir Valley- Midnight Surf, Bruise Brother’s, Solarium, and more
  • Southern Region- Motherlode, Chocolate Factory, Solar Collector, Gold Coast, Gallery, Drive-by, Bob Marley, and more
  • Miller Fork- Infirmary, Fruit Wall, Cloud 9, Graveyard, and more
  • Handy infographics about each crag for quick reference