Rocky Mountain Flora

Rocky Mountain Flora

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by James Ells, Ph.D.


Second Edition

The completely revised second edition of a comprehensive, accurate, full-color field guide for anyone who loves Rocky Mountain wildflowers.

Complete, concise, and easy to use

Authoritative authorship that sets a higher standard for flora field guides

Integrated Life List for the serious wildflower enthusiast

“What is that wildflower called?”

It's a question that every one of us who has hiked, run, or climbed in the Rockies has asked at least 1 times. Rocky Mountain Flora is the result of a lifetime spent tramping through the mountains asking exactly that same question. And the truly unique feature of this book is the hiker was horticulture professor

Organized by color, Rocky Mountain Flora has all the features of the competing titles such as images of each flower, taxonomy, and detailed descriptions. But the unique features include a Life List for the serious wildflower enthusiast, the specific location, elevation, and time of year that the flower was found and a special feature called , “LOOK FOR” that helps in quick identification.