The Granite Avatars Of Patagonia

The Granite Avatars Of Patagonia

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"Tom Reed’s The Granite Avatars of Patagonia offers a powerful and moving description

of one of the world’s most awesome sights: the granite towers of Patagonia,

notably Cerro Torre and El Chaltén.

Mindful of global warming, deforestation, species extinction, and pollution,

the narrative nevertheless manages, in inimitably beautiful English,

to focus on the awesomeness, beauty, intimacy, and sacredness of nature

in one of its most dramatic moments.”


–Thomas Berry


"Patagonia has a keen, close observer in Tom Reed.

His feeling for the landscape and its wild power comes through in his photographs and writing and in the questions he raises about ourselves as natural beings acting in a natural world."

--Yvon Chouinard  (Patagonia Inc)