Blizzard Zero G 85 Skis (2020)

Blizzard Zero G 85 Skis (2020)

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At 85 mm underfoot, the Zero G 85 is slimmer and lighter than the other skis in this collection, making it ideal for adventures that require a longer skin out or for skiers wanting to pick up the pace. For a ski of this width and minimal weight, the downhill performance is still solid, thanks to Carbon Drive 2.0 and Blizzard’s Austrian engineering. The Zero G 85 is fixed on supporting everything from your next epic mission, to crushing vert and distance, to knocking out your uphill fitness workout.

Construction: Sandwich Compound Sidewall (Carbon), Carbon Drive Technology 2.0

Rocker: Tip-Tail Rocker

Factory Base Bevel: 0,9° ± 0,2°

Factory Side Bevel: 87,7° (Tol.-/+ 1,5°)


 Carbon Drive 2.0

The integration of a 3D uni-directional carbon fiber frame with an ultra-lightweight paulownia woodcore construction allows us to reduce the weight in the ski while providing structure for performance. The carbon frame’s 3D geometry guarantees optimal flex and torsional rigidity. The result is a level of stability, edge grip and control unprecedented in the of ski mountaineering.

Lite Core

Wood core that is naturally strong but lightweight are strategically constructed for maximum performance while reducing weight.